University of California, San Francisco Psychiatry Residency, SF, CA

Tufts University School of Medicine, Boston, MA, with honors

University of California at Berkeley, Berkeley, CA, with honors



California Medical License

Board Certified, The American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology


Current Practice

Private Psychiatry Practice

Women's Mood and Hormone Clinic, UCSF

     The clinic provides expert consultation, therapy, laboratory assessment and

     treatment in cases where hormone function may influence the female brain. 

     Examples include (but are not limited to): assessing premenstrual mood

     changes (premenstrual dysphoria and premenstrual exacerbation),

     evaluating perimenopausal symptoms (mood changes, poor sleep, low

     libido, hot flashes, irritability, fatigue and memory problems), evaluating

     low libido and sexual dysfunction, assessing mood changes during

     pregnancy and breast feeding, and evaluating problems with medications,

     hormone replacement or birth control pills.


Specialized Clinical Training

Women's Mood and Hormone Clinic, UCSF

Student Health Center, UCSF

Depression: groups, individual therapy and medication management, UCSF

Anxiety: therapy and medication management for Obsessive Compulsive

     Disorder (OCD), Panic, Hypochondriasis, General Anxiety Disorder, Social

     Anxiety and Phobias, UCSF

Eating Disorders: groups, individual therapy and medication management, UCSF

Advanced Couples and Family Therapy, San Francisco VA Hospital

Dreams in Therapy: launched workshop interpreting dreams in therapy, UCSF

HIV Focus: groups, individual therapy and medication management for patients 
     with HIV and psychiatric issues, San Francisco VA Hospital

Substance Abuse: groups, individual therapy and medication management, 
     San Francisco VA Hospital

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD): individual therapy and

     medication management, UCSF

Trauma and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD): individual therapy and

     medication management, San Francisco VA Hospital

Therapy: Trained in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Interpersonal Therapy

     (IPT), Time Limited Psychodynamic Therapy (TLDP), Anger Management,

     Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), exposure therapy, group therapy, family

     and couples therapy, open-ended dynamic psychotherapy and Control

     Mastery models, UCSF


Honors & Awards

Merit Award in recognition of professional achievement, dedication and

     scholarship, UCSF

The Laughlin Award of the National Psychiatric Endowment Foundation

     for excellence in therapeutic skills and dedication to patient welfare, UCSF

Leadership Scholarship awarded by the Northern California Psychiatric


Medical School Honors in Medicine and Psychiatry

Graduated with Honors from UC Berkeley, English Literature Major and


Golden Key National Honor Society, for academic excellence, UC Berkeley

Health Educator Award, UC Berkeley


Presentations & Publications

Interviewed by Lifescript.com for their article, "Managing Mood Swings and Other

      Menopausal Symptoms."  [Link to Article]

"PMS and PMDD: Mood Changes During the Menstrual Cycle." The Carlat

     Psychiatry Report, February 2014, pp. 1-3  [Link to Article]

"Treating Bipolar Disorder During Pregnancy and Lactation." The Carlat

     Psychiatry Report, July 2012, pp. 1-5  [Link to Article]

"Hormones and Mood in PMDD and Pregnancy."  Presented to the Northern

     California Psychiatric Society (NCPS), Monterey, CA

     [Link to Presentation]  [Link to Depression and Pregnancy Handout]

Interviewed by MSN Health for their article, "Crazy or Menopausal?"

     [Link to Article]

"Women, Hormones, Mood and Sex."  Presented to the Depression and Bipolar

     Support Alliance (DBSA), San Francisco [Link to Presentation]

Interviewed by GLAMOUR magazine about mood disorders, January 2009 issue,

     pp. 97-105 and 160

"Mood Disorders in Women: PMS, PMDD and Depression."  Presented at the 

     Contraceptive Technology Conference, San Francisco  [Link to Presentation]

"What Every Woman Should Know About Antidepressants."  Interviewed

     by GLAMOUR magazine, November 2007 issue, pp. 137-149

"Women, Hormones, Mood and Sex."  Presented to the UCSF Nursing School

     [Link to Presentation]

"Oral Contraceptive Pills and Mood."  Presented to the Women's Mood and  

     Hormone Clinic, UCSF  [Link to Handout]

"The Power of Dreams: How to Tap the Language of Your Unconscious and

     Unlock Your Mind's Potential."  Presented to the UCSF Psychiatry Department 

     [Link to Presentation]

"The Psychology of Terrorism: The Pathological Use of Ethnicity, Nationality and

     Religion."  Presented to the UCSF Forensic Psychiatry Department

"Management of Thyroid Carcinosarcoma."  Surgery  [Link]

"Familial Nonmedullary Thyroid Cancer: An Emerging Entity That Warrants

     Aggressive Treatment." Archives of Surgery  [Link]

"Total Thyroidectomy and Central Neck Lymph Node Dissection: The Treatment of

     Choice for Hurthle Cell Carcinoma."  10th International Congress of

     Endocrinology, San Francisco

                              P S Y C H I A T R Y

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